Curve 32 is Only a Systematic Effort of Solving Puzzles Posed by New Economics

Curve 32 theory is a special discovery and registered in Malk Soft, The state of Kuwait. The theory itself has been tested and validated in morethan three hundred experiments in different quantities and budgets setting. Further- more, the theory is not only based on technical analysis, addition to this is based on the production of interactive graphs for specific periods on live prices times, resulting in a smart curve to identify entering and exiting time accurately, also it can propos equantities, forecast expected profit and du- ration every trading activity automatically.

Curve 32 Theory Features

Invest with Confidence

Malksoft Yeild is an investment company that was founded in 2017 after their mathematician discovered Algorithm Curve 32.

Since 2017, our company has utilized Algorithm Curve 32 to predict market behavior with astonishing accuracy and make our clients the greatest yields possible.

In a nutshell, Malksoft is unique in the sense it was founded to utilize an ex- clusive algorithm- it’s not just another investment company that utilizes algorithms.

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We Are So Confident of Our Exclusive Tools

We challenge any other investment company to match our promises and guarantees to our customers

Make money on your investment every time. Never ever lose a dollar!
We will provide each account with a 10 percent safety net. Clients are free to use that money to replenish their accounts and Exit the market In the event their fund declines in value.

High Yield on investment
Customers have made up to 20 percent on their investment in as little as three weeks.

Short investment cycles
No need to hold up your money for prolonged periods of time. All we do is short cycles. Cycles range between 1 and 5 weeks.

How Curve 32 Safe and Effective? & How its Unique?

We Create this Application to Give an Easy Yet Accurate Experience with Solutions

Our unique algorithm through Artificial Intelligence will collects any related information about trading and stocks market to produce a forecast to predict future markets, that will benefits you who using this solutions.

Basically in mathematics, two values are considered to be in the golden ratio relationship, if the ratio of the second number to the large value is the same as the ratio of the large value to the small value, and it has inspired so many experts from various disciplines.

Starting from there, we look at algorithms as a gold block in a golden universe, that can be found with a golden ratio. Therefore, we can discovered that the equations and their associated paths are parts of an easier solution for applicable into humanity.

This is a promising matter that we can make into an innovation through Artificial Intelligence that provides benefits for humanity throughout the world.

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Trusted algorithm and equation that shaped through innovative solutions


Useful problem solving to answer the changing world

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